G3N Gaming Overview

G3N Gaming is a very old toppie!!! Hahaha! Yeah! We been around the block.

Started with Call of Duty MW3 me and a couple of buddys made the G3N group and all our nicknames had a 3 in it.

After some time we moved over to BF4 and hosted our very first server and started a DGL team for bf4..... Well competitive game sucked at that stage and we dropped everything and just played for fun.

Along came the wonderful game ARMA 3 and swept our feet under away from us and we fell in love. We started hosted Arma 3 servers and quickly became the number one server in SA. We hosted Exile, Altis life and some milsim servers. After sometime all good things must come to a end and we have shut down our servers and G3N gaming went into sleep mode for sometime.

Couple of months went past and a EPIC game called Ark Survival Evolved came out and we fell in love all over again.

We hosted one of the very first Ark servers in SA and it went great gor sometime.... And then we had some issues that we dealt with but the damage was done and we stopped again with hosting servers.

Some time past and EPIC dlc came out for Ark and tge game got better and we the admins where burning again to host Ark servers and get G3N back to the top where it belongs.... So we tried to host the servers ourself and it was slow going at first....

Then Willem from Gaming Evolved contected us and asked if we looking for a sponsor.... Well we jumped at this gift from the heavens and lets just say the rest is history..

G3N Gaming our PROUD to host 6 Awesome maps for the South African Ark Community. We the admins are fully committed to bring you the player the best Ark experience we can give you with the power of Gaming Evolved under the hood.

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